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I constantly get asked what tools I use to run my business. I have compiled a list below of some of the tools I use to keep me productive and that help my business thrive.  If you find a tool in this list it is because I genuinely believe it has the potential to impact your business positively.  Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means I will get a small commission if you choose to purchase these tools per my recommendation.  I’ve made an effort to negotiate some pretty good deals on most of these tools, so that you can benefit for being a loyal AM/PM Podcast listener.

-Manny Coats


HELIUM 10 software suite was designed by Amazon sellers for Amazon sellers. Tools include, Magnet:Keyword Research, Frankenstein: Keyword Processing, Scribbles: Listing Optimization, 5K Checker: ASIN Keyword Index, and many more to come.

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Payability Getting paid daily on Amazon is a luxury that used to be reserved to individuals with older “grandfathered” accounts.  Now with Payability, Amazon sellers can get paid daily!

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Upfund is the crowdfunding solution I used to raise $56,194.57 in two weeks to fund my inventory purchases.  It’s a platform designed to help investors earn a return on their contribution while enabling Amazon sellers to raise funds to purchase inventory for their growing businesses.

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HelloProfit is a fantastic financial management tool suite for Amazon sellers.  It allows you to easily identify weak and strong points of your business, see overall sales, promotions used, sales value and more!

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Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout allows you to conduct your product research based on actual data, not intuition; it will help you find profitable products in seconds, and it will help you monitor your competitor’s price points, inventory levels, profit margins, and more!

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