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$2,600,000.00 Per Year Selling Insects & Coffee as an AMAZON FBA Seller – EP125

If you ever struggled to figure out what to sell on Amazon FBA, then you must watch this episode of the AM/PM Podcast. Carlos Alvarez has been selling on Amazon for over a decade and has sold everything from “adult novelty” products to live insects.

In this episode, we answer and discuss the following topics and questions:

  • Who is Carlos Alvarez?
  • Can I sell live products on Amazon?
  • How much can I earn selling live products on Amazon?
  • Can I send live products to an Amazon fulfillment warehouse?
  • Are live products sold on Amazon as FBA or FBM?
  • What are some differences of starting to sell on Amazon a few years ago compared to starting to sell on Amazon at the present time?
  • How much work do selling live products on Amazon require?
  • How competitive is the tobacco and coffee accessories market as of the current time?
  • What are Carlos Alvarez, private label product launch strategies?
  • Can I use SMS services as a way to market my private label product?
  • How to use SMS services to market a private label product?
  • What is a Groupon?
  • How can a Groupon help launch a private label product?
  • What are some tools that I can use to setup SOPs for my VAs?
  • How does Carlos handle the VAs he hires?
  • How to use Facebook Messenger in social media marketing?
  • How to use meetup group to promote your private label product?
  • How to setup a meetup group for your private label product?
  • How does Carlos build a relationship with his private label product suppliers?
  • What are some trusted inspection services?
  • What are some of the difference between dealing with trading companies versus going straight to the factories?

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,600,000.00 Per Year Selling Insects & Coffee as an AMAZON FBA Seller - EP125
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