Brand Gating is Here – Buh-Bye Hijackers! – EP83

Back on September 15th, we posted on our Helium 10 blog about how private label sellers should be getting excited about Amazon’s changes to brand gating. Today, nearly two months later, private label sellers should be jumping up and down with joy. In today’s podcast, we will tell you why.

What is brand gating?

What is brand registry?

How is brand gating and brand registry different?

What do you need for brand registry?

What do you need for brand gating?

How long does it take to get brand registry?

How long did it take Manny Coats to get brand registry?

What is auto gating?

How do you get brand gating from Amazon?

What do you need to get brand gated?

What types of brand gating is there?

Can you get fully brand gated for both NEW and USED products?

Do you need to place a sample buy to remove a hijacker?

How to stop hijackers by using a ninja technique with your warranty in your description.

A method Suzi Hixon uses to to remove hijackers without placing a test buy.

What kind of language do you use for warranty violation?

How do you report a seller who violates the warranty TOS?

Introducing a new site for brand gating:

Helium 10 launches a new tool: Brand Gate Checker (It’s Free!)

When should you use TM on your products?

What is the difference between TM and (R) ?