Amazon Sellers: Get Paid Daily and Say Goodbye to Cashflow Issues – EP88


Getting paid daily on Amazon is a luxury that used to be reserved to individuals with older “grandfathered” accounts.  Now with Payability, Amazon sellers can get paid daily!  Learn more about Payability on this episode of the AM/PM Podcast.

In this episode:

• Episode and podcast introduction by Manny Coats
• Manny Coats Introduces Payability
• Manny Talks about when sellers can withdraw funds from their Amazon account. (Except for old sellers that have the option to withdraw funds anytime) new sellers will need to wait 2 weeks before they can withdraw funds to their bank.
• Manny gives a bit of information about the service provided by Payability where you can withdraw funds any time with just a click of a button
• Manny introduces Keith Smith, Co-Founder and CEO of Payability.
• Keith Smith talks about Payability, the idea and how it started.
• What is Payability? What services do they offer?
• Manny Coats uses Payability himself and shares his experience with the ease of access and how the services have been beneficial for him so far.
• Payability has around 1000+ Amazon sellers enrolled.
• How long should a seller be selling to qualify for the Payability Service?
• A seller is required to have at least 90 days of historical sales with Amazon.
• Is Payability available for all sellers or just USA sellers?
• Payability is currently focused on sellers in Payability however, is working with Canadian, UK and AU based sellers. If a seller is in the UK, CA or AU but is selling in, and sales are denominated in US dollars, Payability will be able to work with them.
• Are there any checks required when signing up?
• There is a credit check at the company level.
• What credit agencies does Payability report back to?
• What Payability is looking for primarily is a seller’s history with Amazon, making sure that the product being sold does not have a high rate of return s, is not going have high defect rates and ships on time. All the things that Amazon cares about are the same that Payability cares about.
• Other things that Payability looks for are that there are no other loans on the business or other significant black marks.
• Does Payability have a limit on the return rate?
• How long does it take to sign up and for the approval process?
• Are there any other requirements to qualify?
• Payability has a monthly minimum $250 fee.
• Can a seller sign up with any sales volume?
• For large sellers, there is a 1% – 2% based on a variety of different factors.
• Is there a cap for how you a seller can get paid out daily or a per monthly basis?
• The payments that are being made is going via wire transfer or ACH?
• If a seller signs up but is nearing the end of the two weeks cycle for payout, does Payability come back and gather all those earnings and make the funds available the next day?
• How does Payability get access to my account?
• Payability also caters to Vendor Central.
• Keith Smith talks about the Cash Back MasterCard.
• What is a Cash Back MasterCard and how does it work?
• Can I cancel my Payability subscription anytime?
• Payability has a free trial of 1 week. AM/PM Podcast audiences/listeners will get a 2 weeks trial period.
• Payability is located in New York.
• How do I get in touch with Payability for any questions or concerns?
• Manny Coats ends the interview by thanking Keith Smith for joining the interview.
• Manny Coats gives the affiliate link:
• by clicking the link, you will automatically get a 2 weeks trial period
• In addition, the cash back MasterCard is 50% more if you sign up via the mentioned link.
• In addition, Users who sign up through our affiliate link and stay beyond the free trial will get the Helium 10 Platinum Plus plan for $1 for the first month (that’s a $196 discount) PLUS $100 off every single month thereafter for one year.
• To get the Helium 10 bonus, Please email: AFTER the 2 weeks trial period has ended.

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