Hey it’s Manny Coats here, and I just want to say… Congratulations!

You now have FULL-ACCESS to the tools and services that I personally used to help me generate $1.6MM in sales in my first full year on Amazon (and more than DOUBLE that number in my second year). Here’s some background on me. But most important… I’m glad you’re here!


Before you get to the good stuff… take 2 minutes and do these 5 things right now. It just might help you add tens of thousands of dollars in sales every month to your business:


Helium 10 Chrome Extension – Install the (Free) Helium 10 Chrome Extension.

I use this extension every day for Product Research, to Download & Sort Reviews, Spy on Competitor’s Inventory, spot ‘goldmine’ Trends, find powerful Keywords, instantly calculate your Net Profit and so much more.


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Recommended Amazon Resources

How to Rank Any Keyword To Page 1 on Amazon.

Ranking you Keyword(s) to page 1 for your product is easier than you think… IF you know the formula.

Check out this short video where I walk you through EXACTLY how to execute the CPR Method to perfection.

Here’s a case study on 2 launches I did during Q4 2017 that did $39K in just 2 days.

Facebook Groups

FBA High Rollers – Hands down, the most helpful Amazon Facebook group. I’m usually in this group every day networking, learning and helping where I can. With over 47,000 Amazon sellers in the group… I’ve got just one question for you, “Are you in the group yet?”

Helium 10 Users – Maximize the power of the Helium 10 tool suite. The team and I are in this group every day, helping you get the most out of the tools in Helium 10. The most powerful Amazon software needs the most powerful training team. If you aren’t using Helium 10 yet… sign up now at Helium10.com.* Use coupon code: HELIUM10  for 10% OFF all plans!

AM/PM Podcast Instagram

Want to see what the Team and I are up to every week? Follow the AMPM Podcast Instagram.

Training & Mastermind Groups

Beginner Training: Freedom Ticket – If you’re at the beginning of your Amazon journey, Freedom Ticket is where I recommend you start. This is not your “Guru’s Amazon course.” Kevin King is a 7-Figure seller who has been in ecommerce for YEARS. He knows more hacks and strategies than he knows what to do with… so he simply shares them all with his students in Freedom Ticket. Bring a pen and paper. Don’t blink because you may miss something that could 10x your business. Don’t wait – the best time to start is NOW!

Advanced Training: Illuminati Mastermind– If you can get into Illuminati Mastermind (only opens a few times per year) then you are set to succeed in a BIG WAY… (if you implement what you learn). This mastermind group is a HUGE reason for my success. Sellers representing over $500 Million in sales make up this group. These are the people you want to learn from. This group is seriously worth its weight in Gold.

Amazon Tools

Product Research: Black Box – Amazon Product ResearchI wish I could’ve used this tool sooner. My life would have been much easier and my business much bigger by now. Black Box will save you valuable time and money researching products. This tool is the most powerful Product Research tool ever made and it’s certainly my favorite tool in Helium 10.

Product Research Chrome Extension: Xray – Amazon Product ResearchDive deeper into your product research by using Xray inside the Helium 10 Chrome Extension and get immediate insights to validate your potential product ideas. Using Xray in your product research will save you a significant amount of time, money and effort that can be focused elsewhere and will change the way you search through Amazon.

Keyword Research: Discover your competitor’s keyword strategy with Cerebro. Start by searching your competitor’s ASIN to determine, in seconds, which keywords their listing is ranking for and which ones would be the best fit for your product. Find Exact & Broad Phrase Search Volume, uncover competitor’s Sponsored and Headline ASINS per keyword, competing products, and Giveaway units necessary to rank to page 1 for your main keywords. I could go on and on about this tool… but don’t take my word for it – try it out for yourself.

Keyword Research:  Magnet is EASILY, the best keyword aggregator in the market. Use this tool to gain an unfair advantage over your competitors.

Keyword Processor:  Frankenstein will solve problems you never knew you had, freeing up your time, so you can spend more time doing the things that matter. Frankenstein allows you to process thousands of keywords in seconds by turning your ugly keyword list into a money-making machine. What’s the punchline here? Frankenstein helps you make sense of your keywords so you can pull in more traffic to your listing and make more money.

Listing Optimization:  Scribbles was the first tool in the Helium 10 tool suite and is still the crowd favorite among most of our users. If you’ve used other Amazon Software tools, there’s a good chance you’ve seen something similar to Scribbles. Why? This tool is so powerful that other folks have copied it as best as they can… but we’re not mad, we’re flattered! Scribbles helps you build your listing, modify text field lengths and much more. Bottom line: use Scribbles to make sure you don’t miss out on optimizing your title, bullet points, description and backend search terms.

Keyword Tracking: If you aren’t tracking your keywords you’re leaving money on the table… a LOT of money.  Keyword Tracker uses search volume data from Cerebro, so you can see whether or not you’re ranking for your most powerful keywords. Add notes, keep track of Best Seller & Amazon Choice badges, track the performance of your most powerful keywords and a whole lot more.

Keyword Index Checker: Are all the keywords in your listing being indexed by Amazon? Run 5K Checker and find out in seconds. This tool = lifesaver.

RefundsRefund Genie – Amazon may owe you money from damaged or lost inventory. Once you log in to Helium 10, it’s free to check if you are owed anything. Run a report with Refund Genie and it may just pay for a year of your Helium 10 membership… or two, or three years. Find out today how much Amazon owes you – it’s your money!

Trends: Trendster by Helium 10 will help you spot trends in the market for products, keywords and overall demand when you’re looking to enter a market. This is a step you DO NOT want to skip – trust me.

Inventory Controls: If you’re running a giveaway at a steep discount or just want to have better control over your inventory… setting limits on your inventory with Inventory Protector is a great idea. If you’ve ever lived in fear of someone wiping out all your inventory when you’re running a promotion, you aren’t alone… but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Hijacker Protection: Ahhh those pesky Hijackers. Take care of them once and for all with Hijacker Alert. Hijacker Alert acts as your personal 24/7 security guard to detect unauthorized sellers. When hijackers jump on your listing trying to steal sales and ruin your hard-earned reputation, Hijacker Alert will prevent fraud by monitoring your ASINs for you and sending alerts.

Split Testing: PickFu is the best way to split test images with incredible accuracy, via data driven insights from thousands of unbiased individuals. This real-world feedback is crucial for optimizing pictures on your listing. Finding the best converting picture could drastically increase your conversion rate and be the boost you need to capture more sales.
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Product Photography Service

Pixel Perfect Photography – Product Photography is the #1 most important part of your listing. No questions asked. Just think about how you shop in stores… you probably look with your eyes, right? Well people shop the same way on Amazon… and if you’re being cheap with your photography, you are only hurting your conversion rates. You need professional photos on your listing or it’ll be hard to compete.

Trademark Service

Seller Trademarks – Is your brand gated? Do you have Brand Registry 2.0? Do you have a trademark yet? If not…you should. Amazon favors brands who are trademarked. Anita Mar will help you secure your trademark, get your brand gated and get Brand Registry 2.0. She’ll hold your hand the entire way and solve any issues that come up along the way. If you’re looking for an easy and no-nonsense process… look no further.

YouTube Training

AM/PM Podcast – Join 7-Figure seller, Manny Coats, as he interviews the brightest minds in the Amazon and ecommerce world. Manny asks the questions that we all want the answers to. Watch all the past podcasts in video form and learn everything you need to know about FBA.

Amazon Seller Secrets Revealed – This series is hilarious, packed with valuable insights and extremely high-level tips. The guests include top Amazon sellers, industry experts, brokers and entrepreneurs who share their knowledge so you can learn from them and cut your learning curve down. SUBSCRIBE today!

Helium 10 – Subscribe to the Helium 10 YouTube channel for tips, strategies and to see how you can get the most out of the tools in Helium 10. Visit Helium10.com and sign up for a free account today, if you haven’t already.


Payability – Can’t wait 2 weeks to get paid by Amazon? Use Payability to get more frequent payouts from Amazon. CASH FLOW is the name of the game in an inventory based business. These guys have been a huge help to me and my business when I need to access cash fast.