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There has never, in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD, been a BETTER TIME to be an entrepreneur! I have had some crazy ups and downs in life (Here’s some background on me), and it all led to this crazy world of e-commerce.

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  • Check out this video series as Tim Jordan & Bradley Sutton document the entire selling journey with full transparency – the wins, the losses, discoveries and all!

> Facebook Groups & Instagram

> Amazon Training

Beginner Amazon Training – Freedom Ticket

Whether you’re just starting out on Amazon or are a seasoned seller who wants to grow your business, I recommend that you check out Freedom Ticket. This is an interactive 8-week course led by 7-Figure Amazon seller, sought-after speaker, and mentor to top sellers, Kevin King. Kevin is an Amazon expert who wants to share his game-changing strategies to help you 10 x your business.

> Amazon Software Tools

Product Research: Black Box 

Black Box is a fast, extensive, tailored product research tool. With over 450 million ASIN’s, Blackbox can help you find a product you never would have thought of.

Product Research (Chrome Extension): Xray

Xray reveals crucial highly accurate market data including estimated monthly revenue, to help sellers validate a product selection, make more informed decisions and valuable save time.

Keyword Research – Seed Keyword Search: Magnet

This keyword tool boasts the largest database of actionable Amazon-related keywords on the market and includes a wealth of highly accurate search data, unlike most keyword tools.

Competitor Keyword ResearchCerebro

This powerful reverse ASIN lookup tool allows you to uncover competitor keywords for both organic and paid search and see how much estimated search volume there is for these keywords.

Keyword Processor: Frankenstein

This powerful Amazon keyword processor allows you to take thousands of keywords, and quickly process them into traffic-pulling keyword lists.

Listing Optimization: Scribbles

Scribbles allows you to easily and quickly optimize your product listing, never forget an important keyword, and attract more traffic to your product listings.

Keyword TrackingKeyword Tracker

Knowing which keywords are ranking well and driving organic traffic to your listing is critical to success. Keyword Tracker allows you to optimize keywords, and then visualize how each change affects how product listings rank for given keywords.

Keyword Index Checker: Index Checker

Index Checker allows you to verify that the best keywords to your frontend and backend are being indexed (seen by Amazon) to ensure that product listings are completely optimized.

Manage RefundsRefund Genie

Refund Genie locates highly accurate estimates of your non-reimbursed lost or damaged inventory that should be reimbursed by Amazon. Detailed reimbursement reports are quickly generated so you can easily submit them to Amazon for prompt collection of what you are owed to recoup your losses.

Spot Market Trends: Trendster

Trendster allows you to quickly analyze products to determine estimated sales and pricing seasonality to better plan for revenue fluctuations.

Inventory Controls: Inventory Protector

Inventory Protector gives you the ability to set limits on how many items can be purchased at a time by individuals, protecting you against lost sales from clever coupon stackers or other buyers who may clean out your inventory.

Hijacker Monitoring: Alerts

Hijacker Alert prevents fraud by monitoring your chosen ASINs and delivering email and text message alerts when it detects unauthorized sellers to help you better protect your listing.

Misspellings: Misspellinator

Misspellings are probably one the most underrated ways to generate sales when it comes to listing optimization. Misspellinator finds the top misspellings for your keywords quickly so you can start earning more money with perceived mistakes.

Financial Analytics: Profits

Profits helps you track what’s most important in your business… PROFITS! This financial analytics tools helps you easily see key financial data such as gross revenue, net profit, and sales data.

Customer Service: Follow-Up

Follow-Up is a fully automated email tool to connect with your customers during important moments of the customer value journey. Craft automated email sequences that kick-in on order deliveries and other event triggers. A great way to create a stellar customer experience.

24/7 Business Maintenance: The Helium 10 Mobile App

The Helium 10 Mobile App – Monitor your business 24/7 from the palm of your hand. Get the critical data you need at your fingertips with instant alerts and crucial sales data. Featuring Profits and Alerts right on your phone.

Track Markets & Competitors: Market Tracker

Track the big picture of your market and stay ahead of your competition. Create a market to track your product’s performance. Track where you stand, how your competitors are doing, and the overall health of your market.

Automated PPC Campaigns: ADS (Beta)

Simplify, optimize, and automate your PPC management. Run Amazon PPC campaigns like never before with the power of smart suggestions, simplified campaign management, and clear metrics like ACoS, CTR, and CPC – all at your fingertips.

Landing Pages: Portals

Capture and drive sales with your own custom landing pages. Whether capturing a lead directly on your sales page, or sending that person to your Amazon listing, Portals is designed to guide your prospect to checkout and get them to convert.

Competitors Reviews (Chrome Extension): Review Downloader

Review Downloader allows you to sort product reviews by desired criteria to uncover valuable customer insights. Learning from these insights can help you create products that are differentiated and better than your competitor’s products.

Market Data Snapshot (Chrome Extension): ASIN Grabber

ASIN Grabber allows you to quickly see a quick snapshot of key estimated market data for top ASINs, which is especially helpful to analyze a given day or specific holiday.

Revenue Calculator (Chrome Extension): Profitability Calculator

Revenue Calculator allows you to make essential pricing decisions by uncovering vital net profit or loss predictions based on specific cost factors.

Competitor Inventory Levels (Chrome Extension): Inventory Level

Inventory Level allows you to see how much inventory other sellers have in stock and to capitalize on competitors’ low inventory levels.

Split Testing: PickFu

*50% Off your first order
Because finding the best converting picture could drastically increase your conversion rate and boost your sales, getting real-world feedback for finding optimized images is crucial. Pickfu does this split testing with thousands of unbiased individuals.

> Trademark Service

Seller Trademarks

It’s crucial that you protect your intellectual property. Seller Trademarks is an easy, streamlined solution to obtaining a trademark. Besides legal protection, other benefits of trademarking include brand gating, protection from hijackers, help with brand registry, and it typically increases your company value. AND Amazon loves brands that are trademarked.

> YouTube Training & Content

Seller Talk Series

We sit down with some of the finest minds in the Amazon space to talk about their Amazon seller journeys. How sellers and entrepreneurs got motivated to start their own businesses and pass their wisdom to others.

Project X – Amazon FBA Case Study

Join Bradley Sutton and Tim Jordan as they document the entire selling journey with full transparency – the wins, the losses, discoveries and all! Now on YouTube at Project X.

Weekly News

Stay up-to-date on the latest news relevant to Amazon sellers and all things e-commerce. Stay informed about what’s happening on Amazon, and use that to help you stay competitive and shift your strategy in real time.

AM/PM Podcast

Join 7-Figure seller, Manny Coats, as he interviews the brightest minds in the Amazon and e-commerce world. Manny asks all the questions everyone wants to hear so that you can learn everything you need to know about FBA.

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Serious Sellers Podcast

Join Bradley Sutton, Helium 10’s Success Manager, as he provides much-needed guidance to help you successfully navigate through the ever-changing world of Amazon selling for 2019 and beyond. With over 400 product launches under his belt, Bradley is excited to share his wealth of e-commerce insights with Amazon sellers everywhere.