The Founder of WooCommerce on Happiness, Money, and Merging Your Personal and Business Lives – 240

It’s very popular for entrepreneurs to speak proudly about how well they separate their business and personal lives. Whether it’s leaving the phone in a dish by the door or not answering work emails and messages over the weekend, it’s become fashionable for many small businesses and online sellers to make a firm distinction between […]

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This E-Com Pro Tells Why You Might Be Ready for Your Own Platform – 237

For entrepreneurs selling online, there comes a time when it’s tempting to think about developing a platform that offers both more control and the possibility to tailor your selling environment to more closely suit your business agenda. Here’s the trouble. Often times e-commerce sellers are at a point with their business that a “Shopify” model […]

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Assembly: Bridging Software and Community for E-Commerce Sellers – 236

One of the hardest parts of being an entrepreneur working in e-commerce is juggling the many different parts of running your business. Product research, keyword optimization, marketing, brand building and PPC advertising are just a few of the roles that online sellers need to assume. When you add in the financial element of running a […]

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