How Hiring Freelancers Can Help Grow Your Amazon FBA Business – EP132

AM/PM Podcast Manny Coats speaks with Amazon seller and CMO of Connor Gillivan about offloading repetitive and time-consuming tasks from your Amazon FBA business to freelancers so you can concentrate on growing your business. Connor also shares what tasks are better suited for outsourcing and how to protect your Amazon FBA account to keep your products safe while being worked on by multiple people.

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Will China’s Potential Factory Shut Down Affect Your Amazon Inventory Fulfillment? – EP131

7-figure Amazon Seller and brand owner John Zhou provides valuable insight into the upcoming gathering of the Chinese government on major issues in the country, and the possibility of factory shut downs due to non-compliance of environmental law. If certain factories are shut down temporarily or permanently, what will be the effects on Amazon sellers who source their products from China? Additionally, John shares his own personal Amazon journey and gives his two cents on tactics that have made him successful in the Chinese Amazon landscape.

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The 5 Most Common Mistakes That New (and Existing) Amazon Sellers Make When Trying to Scale Their Business – EP130

Amazon FBA veterans will tell you about the early mistakes they made when they first began selling with Amazon FBA, but there are some faux pas that even veterans still make that may be cutting into profits for Amazon Sellers. 7-Figure Amazon FBA All-Star Kevin King is back to discuss the 5 major mistakes that many Amazon Sellers make that can stifle growth and slow sales.

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