How to Capitalize on a Short-Term Product Trend – AMPM PODCAST EP156

Sometimes Amazon sellers get lucky and offer a product that sells like crazy due to its sheer popularity due to circumstance. However, for some sellers, it’s all pre-meditated and calculated down to the last detail to utterly crush the competition in sales when the time comes. Knowing when something will trend and reach incredible heights in popularity is more of an artful skill for FBA sellers. Someone with a nose for trends is Brock Johnson, a seller that rocked the Amazon landscape last year by selling $6 million worth of product in only a six-month time frame.

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Trademark Your Amazon FBA Business: How to Register Your Brand and Logo – AMPM PODCAST EP155

Are you tired of getting your inventory hijacked and others trying to take your sales? Protecting your private label brand is now more important than ever in a world where fraud can ruin your bottom line and even displace you as the Best Seller. One of the best ways to guard your brand from scammers is through brand gating, which means trademarking your name, product, and your services. However, how does an Amazon seller go about trademarking their private label business?

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Why You Should Use YouTube Influencers to Boost Your Amazon FBA Business – AMPM PODCAST EP152

How many sellers are utilizing video to advertise their businesses? How many are seeking to add reviews to their products listings to boost sales? What if you combined the power of YouTube and adding reviews to your Amazon product listings? By enlisting the help of prominent YouTube influencers to create video reviews of your product, unboxing videos, and more, you can unlock a new audience turned customer base.

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