Pay Only 4% Income Tax for Your Amazon FBA Business in Puerto Rico: Seller’s Tax Haven – AMPM Podcast EP158

Many business owners struggle with taxes, especially new Amazon FBA sellers just getting into the game. Sometimes six and seven-figure sellers want to hold onto more of their money when tax season comes around, and so they look for places to live and work with lower taxes. While many retreat to tax-friendly states or the US Virgin Islands, one seller has escaped to the Caribbean island Puerto Rico, gaining major corporate tax cuts while still enjoying US citizenship.

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How to Capitalize on a Short-Term Product Trend – AMPM PODCAST EP156

Sometimes Amazon sellers get lucky and offer a product that sells like crazy due to its sheer popularity due to circumstance. However, for some sellers, it’s all pre-meditated and calculated down to the last detail to utterly crush the competition in sales when the time comes. Knowing when something will trend and reach incredible heights in popularity is more of an artful skill for FBA sellers. Someone with a nose for trends is Brock Johnson, a seller that rocked the Amazon landscape last year by selling $6 million worth of product in only a six-month time frame.

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