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$10+ Million per Year FBA Seller Mike Ward Talks About How to Kill It During the Halloween Season – EP79

Mike Ward sells Halloween Costumes – Millions of dollars worth.

Mike went from $400K to $800K the first year he got into Amazon.

Lat year, Mike generated $11.3 MM in sales.

Mike tells us what his staggering revenue is expected to be this year!

Mike talks about how he carries 3K skus the first 3 quarters, and doubles to 6K during 4th quarter.

Mike tells us about how he is getting multiple $200K sales DAYS this month.

Mike talks about what he does to not sell out of inventory.

Mike talks about his profit margins.

Mike reveals if he is the largest Halloween seller on Amazon.

Mike reveals what percentage of his produces are licensed.

Mike tells Manny Coats a ninja strategy on how you can license Disney products through your supplier.

Mike talks about the MOQ’s required when dealing with chinese factories that have big brand licenses.

Mike talks about Donald Trump Wigs and how they are doing better than he expected. YUGE Business.

Mike reveals how many manufacturers he deals with.

Mike talks about how early he gets his orders in for Halloween & Christmas — It’s not what you think.

Mike talks about shipping via express air vs sea shipping, and when he uses each of them.

Mike Ward doesn’t ship directly to Amazon, and talks about what he does.

Mike talks about how many hours he worked before and how many he works now.

Mike says what things he outsources and what he keeps in-house.

Mike talks about his mindset on how you must love what you’re doing, but not fall in love with your product.

Mike talks about what he does when he has purchased products that wont sell.

Manny Coats asks Mike what other holidays do well for him?

How much money do you need to get started and where to spend it–? Mike tells you his opinion.

Mike talks about how he would raise money to get started on Amazon.