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Amazon Sponsored Ads (PPC) 101 for Beginners – Interview with PPC Expert Bryan Bowman – EP44

Manny Coats interviews Amazon sponsored ads (PPC) expert, Bryan Bowman and uncovers a wealth of information on PPC strategies for beginner Amazon sellers as well as seasoned pros.

In this interview:

  • Who is Bryan Bowman?
  • How did Bryan Started and more on his background.
  • What part of PPC is difficult?
  • Bryan Bowman talks about some acronyms and its definition.
  • Why should I use Amazon sponsored products?
  • How do I benefit from Amazon sponsored products?
  • How does targeting paid traffic for certain keywords affect organic ranking?
  • Bryan Bowman talks about Amazon Marketing Services.
  • What should I do before going into PPC?
  • Bryan Bowman talks about the difference between auto and manual campaign.
  • Bryan Bowman talks about broad, phrase, exact and negative exact match types.
  • How much should I bid and my daily budget for campaigns?
  • What are long tail keywords?
  • How does a long tail keyword work?
  • Why does my ad campaign not working?
  • How do I properly setup an ad campaign?
  • Bryan Bowman shares his three different campaign strategy.
  • What are ad groups?
  • How early should I start with PPC for my listing?
  • Bryan Bowman shares some tools to help in keywords.
  • How important that keywords are in the actual product listings or back end search terms?
  • Bryan Bowman talks about how he analyzes data.
  • What is a good starting advertising cost?
  • How do I setup ads for product variations?

Listen to his podcast to learn more.