How To Choose & Work With Suppliers In Asia – EP139

Whether you are new to selling on Amazon or a seasoned FBA seller, contacting and working with suppliers in China and other countries is a reality for getting your products manufactured, shipped, and delivered to be fulfilled by Amazon. Knowing which suppliers to choose and how to maintain good relationships with them is an acquired skill, and can at times overwhelm new or inexperienced sellers.

In this episode of the AM/PM Podcast, host Manny Coats interviews serial entrepreneur and 7-figure Amazon seller Manuel Becvar, creator of Import Dojo and Manuel is Austrian-born and now resides in Asia as an authority on dealing with manufacturers in China. Before starting his own business ventures, Manuel worked for many years as a project manager in Hong Kong for a European corporate retailer; during his time in Hong Kong, he dealt with Chinese manufacturers, product assortments, negotiations, and events in Asia.

Manuel became interested in e-commerce soon after he started his own manufacturing company in Asia and wanted to help others make better decisions when choosing manufacturers in China. Soon after, he formed Import Dojo and Invest Asia to help clients to do just that. As an Amazon seller, he has two major brands: one does $60K to $70K per month and the other (though neglected a bit due to other projects) does $10K to $20K per month. Altogether, his business interests generate around $200K per month in revenue.

In this episode, Manuel answers many questions that may be on your mind, including:

  • 00:45 Introduction to Manuel Becvar
  • 03:38 What Does Your Work Day Look Like?
  • 04:08 Common Scams For New Amazon Sellers to Be Aware Of
  • 08:00 What Alternative Sourcing Websites Would You Suggest?
  • 08:30 How Can You Tell If a You Are Dealing with a Good Quality Supplier or Not?
  • 12:33 How Do You Handle Suppliers That Are Moving Too Slowly?
  • 15:01 Tips for Negotiating with Suppliers Overseas
  • 17:17 How Do You Know You Are Getting the Best Price From Suppliers?
  • 18:53 How Do You Tell Good Suppliers From Bad Ones?
  • 20:45 Tips for First-Time Travelers to China Looking to Meet Suppliers
  • 25:00 When Is It Better to Use a Trade Company VS. a Factory?
  • 27:46 What Are Big Mistakes Amazon Sellers Make When Reaching Out to Chinese Suppliers?
  • 31:01 If You Could Go Back In Time, What Advice Would You Give Yourself?
  • 32:40 What is
  • 35:58 What is the Final Deadline to Ship from China in Time For Christmas?

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How To Choose & Work With Suppliers In Asia - EP139

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