How to Get Reviews Under The New Amazon TOS – AM/PM FAQ – EP93

Getting reviews under the new terms of service seems to be a challenge most Amazon sellers are facing.  In this FAQ we discuss how to get customer reviews, what’s OK to do and what will get you in trouble.

  • What are the changes to Amazon reviews TOS?
  • Is asking for reviews from Amazon customers totally against TOS?
  • How are incentivized reviews against Amazon’s TOS?
  • Can I still offer discounts on Amazon?
  • How to ask for reviews from customers without violating the Amazon TOS?
  • What tools can I use for sending follow up emails to the customers?
  • What email sequence can I use to follow up with customers?
  • What is the purpose of engaging customers to email sequences?
  • Why should I engage my customers in a conversation with my follow up emails?
  • Should I send long emails or short ones to my customers on Amazon?
  • What should I put on my email subject to increase clickthrough rates?