Glen Zubia Reveals His Process to Generate Over $4,000 PER WEEK in Sales Without Spending a Single Cent for Inventory, Using Amazon’s Merch Program – EP80

In this episode of the AM/PM Podcast we talk to Glen Zubia, a successful Amazon Merch seller that goes over the process that has allowed him to sell up to $4,000 per week on Amazon’s Merch program without spending a dime on inventory.

  • Introducing Glen Zubia
  • Glen tells us what the Amazon Merch program is
  • How much money does Glen make from this program?
  • How much of his revenue is actually profit?
  • What price points does Glen set up on his Merch T-Shirts?
  • What is his #1 selling product?
  • Using Holidays for big sales
  • Does Glen create designs for the front and back of the shirt, or just one?
  • Does Glen feel you should focus on single sided shirts or double sided?
  • What does Glen thing of the quality of the shirts that you get from the Merch program?
  • How many shirt colors does Amazon give you and what does Glen choose?
  • What is the most popular shirt color to use on Merch?
  • Should you sell text-only based shirts? What does Glen say works best for him?==
  • How much money do you need to get started with Merch?
  • What you need to look at in terms of image licensing from stock photo sites
  • What is shirt gating?
  • What is a shirt tier and how does that work?
  • What tier is Glen at? He’s way up there!
  • How many Tshirts has Glen uploaded to Amazon at this point?
  • How many shirts does Glen upload per week and what is his weekly goal?
  • Does Glen do this alone or does he outsource some of this work?
  • How many hours per week does he spend per week on Merch?
  • What happened to Glen’s income when he took a month vacation and didn’t upload even 1 shirt during that time?
  • Does Merch only do Tshirts?
  • How long does it take for a customer to get a shirt when they order and is this an issue for Merch right now?
  • What is your plan to grow beyond your current revenue stream?
  • Summary of what the Merch Program is
  • What is the price point where sales drop off?
  • Checking to see if slogans or trademarked before you start using them on shirts
  • How many violations can you have before you get in trouble?
  • Does Glen focus on specific niches or does he use a carpet bombing strategy?
  • Glen talks about how sales affect the search rankings
  • How long did it take Glen to move up to the next tier of shirts?
  • How long did it take Glen to fill up the initial 25 shirts for the first tier
  • Glen talks about his thoughts on whether getting one company or person to buy 25 shirts at one time can get you past the first tier.
  • Glen expands that topic to talk about making money by selling to businesses to create company shirts
  • Do men, women or youth shirts sell more than the other?
  • Glen talks about which shirt color sells the best for him.
  • Any way to get approved faster? Glen talks about one way he saw how to get moved up the list.
  • Glen gives his thoughts on using keywords within his listings.
  • Dealing with images that you use with Merch and what your options are for each shirt
  • Glen talk about how many brands he has and why he does this to keep copy-cats from stealing all his ideas in one place.
  • How does Glen choose his brands?
  • Can other sellers hop onto your brand? Glen talks about this.
  • Do the keywords in your brand name help your listing?

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