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Interview: Jungle Scout’s Greg Mercer Talks about Split-Testing, Keyword Optimization, Review Services, and more! – EP48

In this interview, Jungle Scout’s Greg Mercer talks about split-testing, keyword optimization, review services, and even goes into a special announcement as well as a great discount on Jungle Scout for the listeners of the AM/PM Podcast.

In this interview:

  • Who is Greg Mercer?
  • What is Jungle Scout?
  • Greg Mercer advises on which products to stay away from.
  • Greg Mercer shares his thought on FBA sellers going to selling heavier products.
  • Greg Mercer shares tips on how to maximize Jungle Scout.
  • What is listing optimization?
  • What is the importance of listing optimization?
  • How do I benefit from optimizing my listing?
  • How often should I make changes on my listing?
  • What are some easy wins for spilt testing or listing optimization?
  • Greg Mercer shares his ways when it comes to split testing keywords.
  • Greg Mercer talks about SPLITLY
  • What is SPLITLY?
  • What can I do with SPLITLY?
  • Greg Mercer shares his future improvement plans and launching suite of selling tools.

Disclaimer: The following services were mentioned on the podcast.  These are affiliate links which means if you choose to purchase these products by following this link AM/PM Podcast will get a small commission from the sale.

Check out Splitly here: SPLITLY

Here’s a special discount on Jungle Scout for AM/PM Podcast listeners: Jungle Scout