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Interview with Peter Zapf from Global Sources – Freight Forwarding 101 for Amazon FBA Sellers – EP46

Peter Zapf from Global Sources – Freight Forwarding 101 – Alibaba alternative, negotiating with suppliers, Setting up Quality Control criteria, defending against fraud, shipping rates, when to use Air vs. Sea, palletizing, certifications, Insurances, Pre-Shipment expenses, How much deposit you should pay, Trade shows in China you should attend.

In this interview:

  • Who is Peter Zapf?
  • What is Global Sources?
  • What does make Global Sources similar and different from Alibaba?
  • What is a typical deposit when ordering the first time from a supplier?
  • How can I benefit from acquiring inspection services for my product?
  • Peter Zapf shares the importance of a quality control checklist.
  • Peter Zapf talks about NDA and NNM contracts.
  • Peter Zapf talks about Trading Companies and sourcing agents.
  • How do I negotiate with Chinese suppliers in terms of pricing?
  • Peter Zapf shares some best practices working with Chinese suppliers.
  • How can I protect myself when dealing with new suppliers or factories?
  • Peter Zapf shares need to know things about Chinese suppliers.
  • What is FOB?
  • Where can I save more, sea shipping or air shipping?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of sea shipping?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of air shipping?
  • Peter Zapf shares things you need to know about shipping your product.
  • How do I deal with regulatory compliance and safety requirements?
  • Where can I go to know if my supplier has certain certification?
  • What is a HS code?
  • What is the importance of HS codes?
  • What is a continuous bond?
  • Peter Zapf shares the advantages and disadvantages of working with large and small factories.
  • Peter Zapf shares tips on how to acquire the attention and work with large factories.
  • Peter and Manny talks about bundling products from different suppliers.
  • How do I know if I am dealing with a shady supplier?
  • Peter Zapf shares regarding their trade shows and the advantages of attending one.
  • How do I benefit from attending trade shows?

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