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Interview with Private Label Lawyer Suzi Hixon – How to Protect Your Brand from Hijackers – EP65

Private Label Lawyer, Suzi Hixon talks about things every private label seller should do to protect their brand from hijackers.  She also shares tips on how to deal with hijackers if your listings have already been taken over by hijackers.

In this interview:

  • Who is Suzi Hixon?
  • How did Suzi Hixon start being a private label lawyer and what is her background?
  • Suzi Hixon shares her experience venturing into the private label business
  • Suzi Hixon shares her ideas for startup private label sellers in terms of trademark and brand.
  • Suzi Hixon suggests some free resources to aid new private label sellers in clearance searching.
  • How do I know when to file a trademark application?
  • How can I benefits if I file a trademark application for my product sooner?
  • How does listing hijacking work?
  • How am I negatively affected if my listings is hijacked?
  • What can I do with my listing to make it hijacker proof?
  • How can I protect my listings from hijackers?
  • What is Brand Registry?
  • How does brand registry help protect me from listing hijackers our counterfeiters
  • What do I need to register my brand in Amazon?
  • How can I get my brand registered in Amazon?
  • Suzi Hixon shares the importance of UPCs and suggests GSI.
  • How do I deal with listing hijackers with Amazon?
  • Suzi Hixon shares her website to contact her for assistance.
  • Suzi Hixon mentioned in the podcast that sellers can use this online form which seems to work better for her than emailing the address Amazon asks you to use for infringement:
  • Suzi Hixon shares the importance of stating the warranty for your listing.
  • This link from the company Klipsch is a good example of text used regarding unauthorized sellers and no warranty offered to products sold by unauthorized sellers.
  • Suzi Hixon also emphasizes the importance of patents and suggests:

Listen to this podcast to learn more.