How to Use Stock Photos for Amazon and Mailers for Reviews – AMPM Podcast EP 192

Two valuable nuggets of information coming to you today from Manny Coats on using stock photos for Amazon and sending out mailers to customers! Using high-quality professional product photography is quintessential to your product getting noticed and purchased on Amazon but being able to afford stock photos for Amazon can be a challenge for some […]

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The Truth About Amazon Product Launch Giveaways Featuring Six Leaf, ZonJump, Viral Launch, & Rebate Key – AMPM Podcast EP 189

Is using a product launch against Amazon Terms of Service? Find out the answer and more from the top industry experts! Get all your questions, misconceptions, and more answered in the ultimate podcast about the latest trends in using a product launch via the giveaway method on Amazon to climb the rankings! The AMPM Podcast has […]

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Amazon Keyword Indexing: Are You Missing Out on Product Ranking? – AMPM Podcast EP 186

In the wake of the recent Amazon search results controversy, we have decided to address another topic of discussion that’s drawing confusion from sellers: Amazon keyword indexing. For those who are new to selling on Amazon, indexing keywords refer to whether or not the Amazon keyword search algorithm is associating your product’s ASIN with your […]

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