Quick Hiring & Employee Optimization Tips by Manny Coats – EP82

Hiring your first employee and building a team can be a daunting task for a new entrepreneur.  In this episode of the AM/PM Podcast Manny Coats goes over his best tips and tricks about hiring and managing employees.


How Manny Coats hires people from Upwork to outsource projects to.

Manny Coats talks about his first time using Alibaba, nearly a decade ago.

Manny Coats never hires one person for a new position… here’s why.

Where does Manny Coats go to find his workers?

How much did Manny Coats pay his first programmer hired on Upwork (formerly odesk)

The process Manny Coats uses to eliminate a group of 20+ artists down to a few superstars.

Who was ‘cheaper’ … the $15 per hour employee or the $5 per hour employee?

How does Manny Coats optimize the shirt making process for Amazon’s Merch program?

And much more. Check out this episode.