$250,000 Loan From Amazon… And Why I Think I Influenced Their Decision – EP122

If I know I can turn a $250,000 Loan into $500,000 in profit, why would I not take it? Here’s my take on why you should always take the Amazon loans and why I think Amazon offered me $250,000 after I filled out their questionnaire.

In this episode, we answer and discuss the following topics and questions:

  • When can I qualify for an Amazon Loan?
  • Why am I not getting Amazon Loan offers even if my Amazon FBA business is doing well?
  • Can I get Amazon to increase the amount I can loan?
  • How should I answer the questionnaires that Amazon Lending is sending?
  • Should I take an Amazon Loan even if I don’t need it?
  • What are some benefits of getting an Amazon Loan?
  • Why is it important to answer questionnaires sent by Amazon?

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