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The (UN)Comfort Zone; Fighting the Fear of the Unknown – 232

I’m not giving away any state secrets when I say that the last year has presented its share of challenges for all of us. However, in some ways those in e-commerce are better prepared than most.  Between rapidly changing marketplaces, regulations, shipping problems or governmental tariffs, entrepreneurs have developed the ability to be agile and […]

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The Importance of Self-Awareness – Life Lessons for Entrepreneurs – 231

The one thing that might be most helpful to every entrepreneur is sometimes the most difficult to learn. It’s not something that you can understand by working longer hours, sleeping less, or assuming more responsibility.  If anything, it might help if the entrepreneur makes a point of working less, sleeping more and learns to delegate.  […]

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Social Media for Everyone! It’s Not as Hard as Everyone Thinks – 230

It might come naturally to everyone under the age of 16, but somehow, the idea of using social media can strike fear into the heart of hardened, professional entrepreneurs across the globe.  In this episode of the AM/PM Podcast, Tim Jordan welcomes a social media expert who’s here to demystify the entire process. Clay McDaniel […]

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An Entrepreneur’s Relentless Positivity and a Life Changing Product (Part One) – 226

There are so many inspiring stories from entrepreneurs that from time to time, they can blend together. This is not one of those stories.  Today on the AM/PM Podcast, Tim Jordan speaks with Shavini Fernando, the founder of OxiWear. Shavini is a video game, VR & web designer and developer. But, more importantly, she’s the inventor […]

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Copywriting: Not Just a Necessity, but Also a Business – 225

There are so many different business models in e-commerce. Most of them revolve around written content. In this episode of the AM/PM Podcast, Tim Jordan speaks with an expert copywriter and content strategist about what it takes to be a good copywriter and why “good” might be all you really need to be.  Jacob McMillen […]

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A Look Back at a Challenging 2020 – Soaring E-Commerce and Important Life Lessons – 223

I don’t have to tell anyone that 2020 has been a wild ride. Though, when it comes to entrepreneurs and e-commerce sellers, we have a lot to be grateful for. E-commerce business is absolutely booming throughout the entire online-selling ecosystem.  As we gradually adjust to a new (and hopefully temporary) normal, as entrepreneurs there’s a […]

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