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Hot Topics in the Office – Branding, Expansion, & Growth – 273

In episode 273 of the AM/PM Podcast, Tim discusses: 03:00 – The Dangers In Selling In One Platform 07:00 – Your Should Start Being Brand Sellers 09:00 – Stop Hacking And Start Building Legitimate Businesses 14:30 – Brands Are Important On The Right Time And Context 20:30 – The Challenges Of Scaling Your Business 23:00 […]

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How This Pro Athlete Transitioned from the Tough World of Rugby to the Challenges of Entrepreneurship – 256

Even though the sport of rugby isn’t well known in every corner of the globe, there is a universal understanding that it’s a tough sport played by tough men and women. In this episode of the AM/PM Podcast, Tim Jordan welcomes Lucas Caneda, a pro rugby player and Global Team Lead at UNIQORN Incubator who disputes […]

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Telling Stories, Making an Impact, and Earning an Income with Writing – 254

There has been a lot of talk recently about the importance of video content for Amazon (and other online) sellers. Sure, video is growing in popularity, but the written word is still the foundation of an e-commerce seller’s business. Maybe you’re writing an Amazon product listing or marketing copy for your social media. Perhaps you’ve […]

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This Accidental Entrepreneur Tells How to Use Process Engineering to Grow Your Business – 253

To be successful, almost every business needs to have an underlying structure. Often the challenge is how to maintain that at the same time that your company is experiencing rapid growth. The best way to do that is through systems that ensure your business infrastructure scales right along with your growing sales. That’s why today […]

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