What Do You Think Are the Best Products to Sell on Amazon and Why – Amazon Seller Secrets Revealed

Five Prominent Sellers Reveal What Are the Best Products to Sell on Amazon!

The AMPM Podcast with Manny Coats is proud to debut Amazon Seller Secrets Revealed, our newest series of videos that answers the questions you wonder about every day as an Amazon seller! Our inaugural video answers the all-too-familiar question “What are the best products to sell on Amazon?”

We have gathered expert answers from top sellers across multiple categories and industries to help bring clarity to your journey through the Amazon landscape.

Check out the video below:

What Are the Best Products to Sell on Amazon? - Amazon Seller Secrets Revealed

Here is a more in-depth look at the answers:

The best products to sell on Amazon…

Anthony Lee, COO at SIXLEAF, LLC

“…are kind of obvious—small, light, uncomplicated. But the most important factor is what I like to call a “necessity.” I think a safer bet, especially if you’re just getting into the market, is to do something like an essential—something that you know everybody is going to need. And all you need is a small point of differentiation and then you can excel in that market.

A lot of people try to go after the shiny, glittery new products [that are] trendy, and that can make a lot of money, but that also completely fail.”

Chris Gutherie, Co-Founder at SALESBACKER & AMASUITE

“…[are] more complex and [have] a higher barrier to entry. Now the challenge of course if you’re a beginner is more difficult to do. But if you’re really thinking about [expanding], you’re already selling and you want to grow your business, then that’s the type of area you can look at next just to make it harder for people to compete.”

Greg Mercer, CEO at JUNGLE SCOUT

“…are private label products that you have made significant improvements on. Something that’s a fantastic long-term strategy. I know of all my products, those have the best margin. They get much better reviews than the products that haven’t had those improvements and therefore aren’t getting worse reviews.

I think a great long-term strategy that will stand the test of time is making better products and [offer] them at competitive prices. I think that’s a business model that’s never going to go out of style, so I’m a huge fan of it.”

Timo Bock, FBA Business Broker at DRAGONFLIP.COM

“I try to pick something that has something that other people don’t want to solve, like some difficult component to it.”

James Thomson, Co-Founder at PROSPER SHOW

“It’s more about how you sell what you sell rather than what you sell. Amazon is a marketplace of widgets. For companies that understand how to measure their profitability, how to evolve over time—you can sell basically anything, and I have seen people sell all sorts of crazy stuff.

It’s how you run your business—to make better decisions about the products you ultimately choose to sell.”


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