Best Business Tasks to Outsource to an Amazon Virtual Assistant

As your private label business grows, you will find it more and more necessary to hire an Amazon virtual assistant to carry out your mundane, repetitive, but otherwise important tasks to keep things going.

An Amazon virtual assistant typically works remotely from an offsite location and performs many tasks you either don’t want to do or have time to do. These positions are often referred to as “VAs” and are typically from another country, depending on where you hire them from.

Many top-selling Amazon sellers have found great success in deligating their many administrative, logistical, and sometimes financial tasks to someone else. However, which tasks should you give to an Amazon virtual assistant? And frankly, where can you find them online?

Today’s question that focuses on using an Amazon virtual assistant for tasks is:

“What Other Tasks Do You Outsource and Where Do You Find These People?”

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Best Tasks to Outsource to an Amazon Virtual Assistant

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Here is a more in-depth look at the expert answers:

The best tasks to give to your Amazon virtual assistant include… 

Fernando Cruz, Partner at Seller Tradecraft

“So pretty much almost all of our team is outsourced or distributed, um, so in terms of functions, everything from finance, inventory, planning, sourcing, product selection, logistics, everything that you can imagine. Then in terms of where we find the candidates, we look at it as if we’re hiring and we put in the same amount of effort as if they’re being hired in the US. So we do LinkedIn, Inmails, we do online jobs–we’ll put in a ton of effort. We have a specific recruiting person that’s in charge of bringing us the best candidates.”

Dan Ashton, E-commerce Consultant

“We have a small team of virtual assistants in the Philippines who we outsourced most of our sort of daily repetitive tasks too. So sourcing products. It could be customer service. We give them a certain amount of access within Amazon Seller Central so that they can do some admin tasks within there. That’s just worked so well for us. We enjoy working with them. We feel as though they enjoy working with us.

One thing I would say that has worked very well for us is when we recruit a virtual assistant, we never ever recruit someone who has experience in working on Amazon. We find that what happens then is they have been trained by someone else following someone else’s processes, following someone else’s methods. It might’ve picked up bad habits. What they’re not doing is following your processes, so get your processes documented, and get your training done properly.”

Till Andernach, Team Lead at FreightHub

“I mean as soon as I go to another country, I have to outsource the support, right? And then for every country, you’ll find someone who specializes in that, right? Who offers to take over your customer support against a certain fee in the local language. Right? And they can adopt the tone of voice they use with your customers to the brand or the category that you’re in.

And then network, I mean just an identify other people that did it before and ask them how they’re doing it and then ask for an introduction. Right? Um, even though we’re selling online and everything we do seems to happen online, it’s still real people behind it, right?”


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