What’s the Biggest Mistake Amazon Sellers Make? – Amazon Seller Secrets Revealed

All sellers make a mistake when they first start their Amazon business, but some mistakes can cost you more than just sales. 

The biggest mistake Amazon sellers make is…well, more than just one thing really. There are many gaffes and oversights that even seasoned sellers can commit, but those mentioned below are mistakes you definitely want to AVOID.

In this episode of Amazon Seller Secrets Revealed by the AMPM Podcast, three successful sellers come together to share what they feel are the most significant mistakes that sellers can make in their Amazon business.

Today’s question regarding the biggest mistake Amazon sellers can carry out is:

“What is the Biggest Mistake You See Sellers Make with Their Amazon Business?”

Check out the video answers below:

What's the Biggest Mistake Amazon Sellers Make? - Amazon Seller Secrets Revealed


Here is a more in-depth look at the expert answers:

The biggest mistake Amazon sellers make with their business…

Jennifer Dunn, Chief of Content at TAXJAR

“…is just not having a plan for handling sales tax–even not realizing that you have to collect sales tax. A lot of sellers start off with a hobby, and [they] are thinking, “Hey, I’m going to just see how this goes.”

Well, a lot of states–and those are the bodies that govern sales tax–they don’t see it that way. Some states even say that people who hold garage sales are supposed to collect sales tax. You really need to have a plan about what you’re going to do about sales tax before you start selling on Amazon.”


“Going with the typical thing you see taught in courses, which is ‘small, lightweight, fits in a shoebox, [etc.]’ They source it for under $5, and they launch the same thing that already exists on Amazon with tons of pages on there and expects to get sales.

The biggest question you should ask yourself is “Why would somebody buy from me?” If you can’t answer that in a good way, don’t import that product.”

David Zaleski, Founder of SELLEROLOGY

“…is [that] they spend a lot of time learning about Amazon and watching product videos, how to get started on Amazon, [and] how to make money on Amazon. But a lot of the time, they don’t actually go out and do it. So for every one hour of learning you’re doing right now, whether it’s listening to a podcast, watching a YouTube video, reading, or sitting out in Facebook groups, [you need to do] two hours of doing.”


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