How To Find & Hire A Rock Star Virtual Assistant – EP117

There’s only one of you, and only so many hours in the day.  To grow, you need to offload tasks to other people.  Outsourcing tasks is a smart, inexpensive alternative to hiring a somebody locally, and you may just get a new hire that is faster, better, and more loyal than somebody local.  I dive into this subject with the founder of, and I leave no stone unturned.

In this episode, we discuss and answer the following topics and questions:

• Who is John Jonas?
• What is one of the best countries to hire Virtual Assistants from?
• What is
• What is the difference between from other outsourcing sites?
• What are the rates for employers?
• What are the benefits of hiring Filipino virtual assistants?
• What are some challenges that I may encounter when hiring Filipino virtual assistants?
• Do I get to hire better virtual assistants if I offer them a high salary?
• How would I pay virtual assistants that I hire from
• How do I filter all virtual assistant applicants to get the best of the best?
• What is the ID Proof for?
• How should I give salary raises or bonuses to my virtual assistants?
• What are the main cultural differences that I should be aware of when hiring Filipino virtual assistants?
• What are certain tasks of my business that I should not outsource?
• What are recommended tools that I can use to manage my virtual assistants?
• How can I motivate my Filipino virtual assistants?

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