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How Do I Find The Reason Why I Have A High Return Rate on Amazon FBA? – AM/PM FAQ – EP104

Having a high return rate may mean you have a substandard product.  This does not only affect your sales and profit but will also hurt your Amazon account ratings which could lead to a suspension.  Amazon definitely frowns upon sellers having a high return rate.  Listen to this episode and find out how you can track returns and prevent further headaches.

  • How do I find out the reason why I have a high return rate?
  • Is there a report in my Seller Account for why customers return items?
  • Where on my Seller Central account can I see my returns report?
  • Can I have my supplier credit me for returned units due to being defective or damaged?
  • How often should I have my supplier credit me for defective or damaged units?
  • What can I do for returns tagged as “Unknown?”
  • Why is it important to read reviews posted by my customers?
  • Is it normal to have a high return rate after the holiday season?

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