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How To Get Your First 5 Amazon Reviews With The New Amazon “Early Reviewer Program.” – EP120

If you are just launching a product or you have a product that has less than 5 reviews, then a new program called the “Early Reviewer Program” that was just rolled out by Amazon might just be what you’re looking for.

In this episode, we discuss and answer the following topics and questions:

  • How can I get reviews for a newly launched private label product?
  • What is the Amazon Early Reviewer Program?
  • Who is the Amazon Early Reviewer Program designed for?
  • What are some criteria to be eligible for the Amazon Early Reviewer Program?
  • Can any product be eligible for the program?
  • How do I setup my SKUs for the Early Reviewer Program?
  • How long will Amazon promote my product for reviews?
  • How many reviews will Amazon ask for my product?
  • Can I enroll both parent and variation SKUs to the program?
  • How does Amazon ask customers for reviews?
  • Is there a fee when joining the Early Reviewer Program?
  • How are the Early Reviewer Program reviews identified?
  • Can I cancel my enrollment to the Early Reviewer Program?

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