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How To Get HIDDEN Amazon Reimbursements – I’ve Gotten Back Over $6K So Far With Refund Genie – EP106

Amazon owes you money and you might not even know it! In this special episode of the AM/PM Podcast, Manny Coats, introduces a NEW tool in the Helium 10 Suite: Refund Genie.

In this episode, we discuss and answer the following questions and topics:

  • Does Amazon send notifications when I am being reimbursed for damaged or lost products?
  • What tool can I use to know the amount Amazon may owe me for lost or damaged products?
  • What is Refund Genie?
  • How does Refund Genie work?
  • Is Refund Genie a free service?
  • How will I submit the report that Refund Genie generates to Amazon?
  • What are the features of Refund Genie?
  • How much is the Helium 10 tools worth per month?
  • If I pay $97, am I only getting access to Refund Genie?
  • How many cases should I submit to Amazon?
  • How many transactions should I include per case?
  • How fast can Amazon process the cases I submit and issue the refund?

Post a Screenshot of the amount that Refund Genie gives you on our Facebook Page and update and share when you have a chance on how much Amazon did actually reimburse you!

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