Is The “Health & Personal Care” Category Ungated Now? – EP110

Find out if one of the more popular categories is now ungated, and see what Manny Coats & Guillermo Puyol have been up to the past month, including their China trip for sourcing products.

  • Where can I hire virtual assistants to do artwork for my Amazon Merch business?
  • What is the Illuminati Mastermind?
  • Has Amazon ungated the health and personal care category?
  • Who is Elena Saris?
  • How can I benefit from attending events such as seller conventions?
  • What is the Yiwu Marketplace?
  • What types of product can I find in trade fairs in China?
  • How can I benefit from going to trade fairs in China compared to looking for items to sell online?
  • What are the new updates in the Helium 10 suite of tools?

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