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Your Life Partner Is Your Best Business Partner. Interview with Colin & Angie Raja – EP114

$110,000 in sales per month selling on Amazon. In this episode, husband and wife, Colin & Angie Raja, shares how their partnership enabled them to gain success selling on Amazon.

• Who is Colin Raja and how did he start selling on Amazon?
• Can selling on Amazon be something that a husband and wife do?
• Aside from China, is it possible to find a product manufacturer in the US?
• Can I use my home as a warehouse for my private label product?
• Is it advisable to tryout first Merchant Fulfilled before doing FBA?
• At what point should I stop selling a private label product?
• How can I get Amazon to allow me a 2nd seller account?
• What are some benefits of having 2 separate legal Amazon accounts?
• What are some roadblocks that new sellers may encounter when selling on Amazon?
• How many days should I run my automatic campaign?
• What data or information can I gather from running automatic campaigns and how can this information help me when running manual campaigns.
• Can changing a product category affect my keyword indexing?
• How can a product subcategory help me earn a best seller badge?
• How can I balance selling on Amazon as well as maintaining a day job?
• What are some ways to easily train people to work for my Amazon FBBA business?
• How can influencers help promote my private label product?
• What are some methods of collecting emails that I can use after to market my private label product?
• What is CrowdForce?
• Can I have my private labels product brand gated and brand registered at the same time?
• What part of my FBA business do I need to outsource?
• Colin Raja, shares their goals for 2017.
• What are some pitfalls that new sellers should avoid when initially selling on Amazon?
• Why is sea shipping a big contributor to cashflow issues?
• How can I maintain a healthy relationship with my partner if I am working with him/her on my Amazon FBA business?

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