Are You Making These Common BIG Amazon Seller Mistakes?

There are so many common Amazon seller mistakes made by new sellers that we had to make a second video! As a follow up to our first business mistake video for Amazon sellers, we asked the experts what other pitfalls new sellers should avoid to stay out of trouble when first starting out on the e-commerce platform.

Today’s answer’s focus mostly on house-keeping type issues that some seller don’t consider to be a problem until they get into legal trouble. Be sure to stay off Amazon’s radar for bad behavior by avoiding these common Amazon seller mistakes!

Today’s question that focuses on what Amazon seller mistakes to avoid is:

“What is the second biggest mistake you see new sellers make with their Amazon business?”

See the full Amazon Seller Secrets Revealed video here:

Are You Making These BIG Amazon Seller Mistakes?

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Here is a more in-depth look at the expert answers:

 More common Amazon seller mistakes include… 

Lesley Hensell, Partner at Riverbend Consulting

“[One thing is] making sure you won’t have product quality problems down the line. The best thing you can do for product quality is to set up a defect tracking process from day one. That means you run the reports and you find out why you’re getting returns. Any kind of data you can get from Amazon and you log it, so anytime that there’s a return, you know exactly why. If you can actually watch these numbers over time, you’re going to know really quickly, “Oh no, that product has a 20 percent return rate. We need to take that down and find out why.”

Rolf Claessen, Patent Attorney, YouTuber, and SUNY Albany Graduate

“They are not registering their trademarks before they actually start their account and start selling. I had a case where a seller had a really cool name for a door stopper. The cool name was so cool that another person registered the trademark, then they told Amazon, “Whoa, we have trademark infringement.” Then they not only stopped my client from selling the door stoppers on Amazon but also took over the ASIN, the listing. So before you start selling under a certain name, be it your seller name or a product name or whatever–first register the trademark.”

Cynthia Stine, CEO of eGrowth Partners

“One of the biggest mistakes that new sellers make is, again, they just don’t set themselves up as a business, so they’re not serious. They need to be incorporated, they need to have a business bank account basis, credit card, they need to be set up as a business if they have intellectual property, and it needs to be trademarked. A lot of people kind of go in into this as kind of a lark to see how it will play out and whether it’s for them and Amazon really wants you to be a serious seller when you come to them.”


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