The #1 Thing to Get Right to Optimize Amazon Product Listings! – Amazon Seller Secrets Revealed

What is the most crucial part of your strategy to optimize Amazon product listings? There are of course many parts that you need to ensure are representing your product and brand well, but if you had to choose one thing that was the most critical to your listing’s success, these are the things you NEED to GET RIGHT!

In this episode of Amazon Seller Secrets Revealed by the AMPM Podcast, three brilliant seller minds come together to share what they feel are the most important things to get right so you can optimize Amazon product listings for your private label. It should come as no surprise then that our guest seller will answer,

“What Would You Say is the Most Important Part of Your Product Listing to Get Right?”

Check out the video answers below:

The #1 Thing to Optimize Amazon Product Listings! - Amazon Seller Secrets Revealed

Here is a more in-depth look at the answers:

The most important thing for your listing to get right…


“…is the product photography. Think about your own shopping habits when you go into a store. You get to look at the product–feel it, touch it, even try it on or use it, whatever it might be. [You can also] ask a salesperson questions.

When you’re shopping online, you don’t have that luxury. So the pictures that you have there–seven to nine photos depending on what platform you’re on–are your gateway to your customer. People simply don’t read.

It’s not good enough to just have product photography–you have to take it to the next level and have infographics, callouts, having different arrows pointing to things, and maybe a guarantee and uses for the product. Getting this right without question in my mind is the #1 thing on your listing.”

Daniel Audunsson, Co-Founder of RYANANDDANIEL

“…are the images because the images are really what people look at. [We’re] visual creatures. When you’re online, all you use to really see and perceive a product are images, so the images are the most important.

Title is also critical, and not only for conversions but more importantly for search and ranking search.”

Kevin King, Co-Founder of FREEDOMTICKET

“[is the title.] Nothing else matters more than the title. The second [top] thing is your price. Price, title, and images–those are your three things. But if you had to [choose] a #1, it would be your title. The title is the most crucial part of any Amazon listing and it can be the difference between success and failure.”

Do you have your own suggestion for the most important part of your Amazon listing to optimize? Let us know in the comments!