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How to Organize the Amazon Coupons On Your Product Page – AMPM PODCAST EP 174

Don’t just stack the Amazon coupons for your product listings on your page. Organize them!

Sellers offering cross-sells and upsells often stack coupons to draw the customers’ attention towards their products and drive sales. Using multiple Amazon coupons for all the different products sellers have to offer is definitely great for doubling sales and increasing revenue.

Controlling the position of those coupons is even better.

It allows sellers to prioritize certain products over others and manage product listings better. Plus, it’s easier than it looks.

In episode 174 of the AMPM Podcast, host Manny Coats discusses how easily you can change the order of your Amazon coupons, so you maximize your sales and get free advertising offers to up your game.

amazon coupon listing secrets

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