3 Best Ways for Private Label Brands to Optimize Their Product Titles

If and when should Amazon sellers integrate their private label brands into the titles of their products?

Brand recognition is partly what fuels returning customers and word-of-mouth referrals, and can work for the private label brands out there as it does for major retail brands outside of Amazon such as Apple, Nike, Microsoft, and more.

Should you be adding your brand name to the title of your products’ listings on Amazon? The short answer is “yes, but in a certain way.”

Today’s question that focuses on adding private label brands to product titles is:

“Do you put your brand name in your listing titles, and if so, where in the titles do you put it?”

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3 Best Ways for Private Label Brands to Optimize Their Product Titles

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Here is a more in-depth look at the expert answers:

Ways to integrate private label brands with product titles include… 

Chelsea Cohen, Co-Founder of Badass Business Builders

“We put our brand name in our listing titles, definitely. The reason we do this is because our brand name is now a recognized brand name. I don’t think that it’s necessarily something that a beginning seller has to do. I think they should use those words to get keyword ranking as much as possible. But once you have built a brand asset, and people are actually searching for that brand name and bidding against it in PPC, you should definitely use it in your title.”

Chris Jones, Owner of ZonLifeSuccess

“For the first two years, I actually did do that. I put my brand name in the title, the key features, and the description as well as the backend. But over the last year and a half, I’ve moved away from that because I now realize that Amazon indexes your brand name anyway. So if you keep repeating your brand name in the title and some added exposure, but how much is it actually doing for the algorithm? I’m personally not sure, so instead, I’ve done more data-driven keywords in replacement of doing that.”

Dave Kettner, Co-Founder of AMZ and Beyond

“Brand name–we do actually put in our title, but it’s not always together in a title, and we definitely never have it at the beginning of the title. The beginning of the title is so important to your main keywords, and I know there are times when Amazon makes you do that, but there are ways around that. We put the brand name in our title, yes, but sometimes it’s actually spread out. By spread out, I mean that the brand name isn’t always next to each other. So if we have a keyword that’s part of our brand name, which is what we usually do, we have it in the title and then the second part of the brand name, which is usually a two-part brand name, which meets the criteria of having that brand name in your title.”


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