What Retrospective Advice Would You Give to New Amazon Sellers? – AMAZON SELLER SECRETS REVEALED

Past mistakes are things we sellers can obsess over with retrospective questions like “What could I have done differently?” or statements like “If I only knew then what I know now.” Often these mistakes are quite costly and teach a seller a hard lesson about growing a business on Amazon.

In this episode of Amazon Seller Secrets Revealed by the AMPM Podcast, our guests share what they feel is the retrospective advice they would give to their younger selves if they could go back in time and start over again on Amazon.

Today’s retrospective question regarding what these sellers would tell their younger, less experienced selves is:

“What Advice Would You Give Yourself If You Could Go Back in Time to When You First Started?”

See the full Amazon Seller Secrets Revealed video here:

What Retrospective Advice Would You Give to New Amazon Sellers? - AMAZON SELLER SECRETS REVEALED


Here is a more in-depth look at the expert answers:

The retrospective advice you would give to yourself is…

Seth Stevens, Co-Founder of QuickFastHurry.com

“Once I find a market that is easy to tap into and has big legs and is evergreen (not seasonal), I would stay there and [not] get distracted. Over time, you will be able to extract more profit out of a product that you are selling more quantity of. The supplier is going to give you better pricing. Your life becomes easier if you are selling a good product and you really hone your focus on that.”

Barbara Boschen, Co-Founder of CoMerchant Relisting Software

“Move faster and be more aggressive. I’m very analytical, so I will always be looking at all the pieces and analyzing them. It would have been a good thing if I had just been more aggressive.”

Seth Kniep, Just One Dime

“I would go back and I would tell myself to learn more before launching. I wouldn’t have lost 20,000 if I had learned more. You have to have the right mindset and you have to have the right knowledge. You need to learn. put yourself around people who know more than you do and run hard with it. Learn from that and you can absolutely crush it out there.”


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