How To Sell Your Amazon FBA Business. Interview with Joe Valley – EP115

Are you thinking about selling your business? In this episode, I talk with Joe Valley from Quiet Light Brokerage, and he releases a flood of incredible information on how you can set your business up for top dollar and when you should sell your Amazon Private Label business.

  • Who is Joe Valley?
  • Is it possible to sell my Amazon FBA business?
  • What is Quiet Light Brokerage and what does it do?
  • Why would I sell my Amazon business?
  • At what point do I sell my Amazon business?
  • Should I sell my Amazon business at its young or old age?
  • How is the value determined for each Amazon business being sold?
  • What makes an Amazon business exciting to possible buyers?
  • How long does it usually take before a Amazon business is sold?
  • Will the sale value of my Amazon business increase if I am selling on other platforms?
  • How does clean and impeccable accounting books help sell my Amazon business?
  • What is a seller’s discretionary earning?
  • Will certain scenarios like delayed stock shipment or going out of stock affect the valuation of my Amazon business?
  • What are some common mistakes people do when they sell their Amazon business?
  • What is cash account and accrual accounting and what are the difference between the two?
  • How does accrual accounting help increase the valuation on the Amazon business being sold?
  • What are the typical and standard fees and taxes when selling an Amazon business?
  • When selling my Amazon business, can I just sell one brand?
  • What is the importance of collecting sales taxes when selling an Amazon business?
  • What certain types of online businesses that will sell at higher multiples?
  • When does an Amazon business become unsellable?
  • How does Quiet Light Brokerage protect my privacy?
  • Will the valuation of my Amazon business increase if I sell on more than 1 Amazon marketplace?
  • Who are the typical buyers of Quiet Light Brokerage?
  • How much usually is a broker fee?

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