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How to Sell High Quality, Hand-Made Products Sourced from India on Amazon – AMPM Podcast EP 159

Going against conventions can disrupt whole industries, and selling on Amazon FBA is no exception. Many sellers who have pushed the boundaries of what can be done have seen tremendous growth in not only their private label brands but the Amazon marketplace as a whole. From selling products India sourced products to turning a private label business around to sell it, today’s guest has been able to make a career out of defying conventional advice for selling on Amazon.

In episode 159 of the AMPM Podcast, host Manny Coats interviews seven-figure FBA seller Sophie Howard, the Amazon rebel who has made money through India sources products and defying the conventions of selling on Amazon. Sophie began selling in 2015 as a means of making more money with two children at home and pulled in over $1 million in sales her first year. She recently sold two of her private label businesses (one for seven figures, and the other for six figures), and she now offers training courses to help other sellers learn her ninja tactics.

Sophie’s classes can be found at Product University below:

Sophie covers a variety of subject matter, including the following:

  • 00:42 Introduction to Sophie Howard
  • 03:39 What Products Can You Source from India That You Cannot Get in China?
  • 05:27 What is Culturally Different About Doing Business in India?
  • 09:21 How Did You Source 400 Products in 18 Months?
  • 11:16 How Much Capital Did You Start Your Business With?
  • 13:15 Were the Products You Sold Standard, Oversized, or Both?
  • 14:08 How Did You “Break All the Mainstream Rules” of Selling on Amazon?
  • 17:23 Where Do You Find the Products You Sell?
  • 21:48 Do You Only Have One Private Label Brand Per Seller Account?
  • 23:03 What is the Ideal Profit Margin or ROI for You?
  • 24:26 How Do You Source Your Consumable Items?
  • 25:18 Do You Trademark the Business That You Sell?
  • 26:45 How much Did You Sell Your Amazon FBA Companies For?
  • 27:49 What Kind of Sales Multiples Do You Get Off Your Annual Net Profit?
  • 30:57 What Mistakes Do You See a Lot of Sellers Making?
  • 32:52 If You Could Go Back in Time 5 Years, What Advice Would You Give Yourself?
  • 34:27 How Many Amazon Seller Accounts Do You Own Currently?
  • 37:14 Amazon Cracks Down on Rank and Keyword Manipulation
  • 38:10 Projected Revenue for 2018

To watch the video version of this episode of the AM/PM Podcast, check out our YouTube channel below:

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