What Not to Sell on Amazon: Avoid THESE Products & Protect Your Brand – Amazon Seller Secrets Revealed

Understanding what not to sell on Amazon is a vital aspect of succeeding in your private label business. A common mistake that sellers make when they embark on their Amazon selling journey is picking the wrong types of products to sell. While there are no guarantees in the evolving supply-and-demand market, there are definitely some products sellers need to avoid.

Knowing what kinds of products hurt your business and brand doesn’t just protect you from marketing and legal gaffes, but also guides you towards picking the RIGHT kinds of products that stand a fair chance on Amazon.

In this episode of Amazon Seller Secrets Revealed by the AMPM Podcast, our guests discuss what not to sell on Amazon to avoid the pitfalls associated with returns, regulatory bodies, and patent infringements.

what not to sell on Amazon

Today’s question regarding why you should avoid selling certain products on Amazon is:

“What is a product you would definitely avoid selling on Amazon and why?”

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What NOT to Sell on Amazon: Avoid THESE Products! - Amazon Seller Secrets Revealed


Here is a more in-depth look at the expert answers:

Knowing what not to sell on Amazon is key to your private label business because…

David Zaleski, Founder of Sellerology

“Any type of replacement parts I would just avoid private labeling. Whether you’re selling replacement parts or just parts of either cars, computers [or] vacuum cleaners, you get a ton of returns with products like those — because people think they know what’s wrong with the issue they’re having. So, they go on Amazon and they order the replacement part; but little do they know it’s completely something else. So [they] return it.”

Mike Jackness, Ecomcrew Blog & Podcast

“Products that have any type of regulations around them. We stay away from things like pharmaceuticals or anything that requires approval from Amazon. So, I’ve bene used to having the government or outside regulatory bodies squash my entire business before. Those are things that are completely off-limits to us.”

Rolf Claessen, Patent Attorney, YouTuber and Suny Albany Graduate

“Hi-tech products… or you need a lot of money to check whether they are infringing on any patents. For example, if you are selling a smart phone that can easily protected by let’s say 200-300 patents, and you have to check each one of them. Only large corporations can do that with their patent departments and sellers probably can’t do that.”


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