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Amazon 101: How to Pick the Products That Make Money on Amazon – AMPM PODCAST EP 182

This Amazon 101 series will let you in on the expert secrets for choosing the best products that make money on Amazon!

Manny has a special treat for all the new sellers who want to learn how to start selling on Amazon! Together with his good buddy Kevin King, he will be creating this three-part series to explain the finer points of how to make money on Amazon in the beginning.

Check out the video here:

In AMPM Podcast EP 182, host Manny Coats speaks with Kevin King, a 7-figure Amazon seller, and teacher for Illuminati Mastermind and Freedom Ticket, on the best methods to use for finding the best things to buy and sell for profit on Amazon. He also divulges expert advice on what to do once you have chosen your product to get your listing up and running.



Whether you are a newcomer to selling on Amazon or are an experienced seller wanting to find better products to sell to make money on Amazon, you’ll get the most up-to-date advice from an Amazon master.

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In this episode of the AMPM Podcast on how to pick the best products to make money on Amazon, Manny and Kevin’s discussion includes:

  • 00:25 – Manny and Kevin Introduce the Series
  • 01:35 – Introduction to Manny and Kevin
  • 03:42 – Finding the Best Products is About Finding Good Opportunities
  • 06:50 – How to Find and Pick A Profitable Private Label Product to Sell on Amazon
  • 07:38 – Investing in Oversized Products
  • 08:00 – How Important are Reviews When Looking for a Product?
  • 09:50 – Potentially Low-Profit Margins with Smaller Products
  • 12:12 – Once You Find a Product, How Do You Know If It Will Be Successful?
  • 19:40 – Making Sure Your Next Product Has Good Keywords
  • 21:45 – How Important is Selling Through Amazon FBA?
  • 22:55 – Images Are Crucial in Optimizing a Product Listing
  • 25:00 – How Important is Being Passionate About the Product You Are Selling?
  • 26:57 – Should New Sellers Offer Variation (i.e. Multiple Colors, Shapes, etc.) in Their First Product at Launch?
  • 28:51 – What Are the Most Important Things to Get Right on Your Amazon Product Listing?
  • 30:45 – How to Manufacture a New Product to Sell on Amazon
  • 32:07 – What Products Should New Sellers Stay Away From?
  • 33:43 – Great Product Sourcing Resources for New Sellers
  • 34:03 – How Much Money Does a New Seller Need to Get Started Selling on Amazon?
  • 36:58 – Ordering Inventory Ahead of the Lead Time to Avoid Stocking Out
  • 38:26 – What to Do If You Choose the Wrong Product to Sell
  • 40:22 – Are There Good Places to Source Products in the USA?
  • 41:37 – Freedom Ticket and FBA High Rollers Facebook Group

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