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Selling Your First Amazon Product is Always a Learning Experience – Amazon Seller Secrets Revealed

Selling your first Amazon product can bring you varied outcomes. It can either be a raging success, a dismal failure, or somewhere in between. Whatever your results, the lessons you learn from that initial Amazon selling experience will ground and prepare you for what’s to come. That is if you decide on staying the course. […]

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Strategic Keyword Placement Tips to Boost Your Amazon Ranking – Amazon Seller Secrets Revealed

Keyword placement is hands-down one of the most crucial parts of optimizing your product listing on Amazon after you’ve found the “right” keywords for your listing. Amazon judges how well your product ranks through customers interactions with your listing. Customers can only connect with your listing after they’ve found them. This is where keyword placement […]

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Building the Amazon FBA Business: From Launch to Growth and Beyond – AMPM PODCAST EP 175

In episode 175 of the AMPM Podcast, host Manny Coats speaks to 8-figure Amazon sellers and partners at Seller Tradecraft, Fernando Cruz and Nick Young, about how to begin and sustain a contending Amazon FBA business like theirs. Somewhere between building a team, cutting it down, and driving Uber, Fernando and Nick managed to break […]

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Invaluable Business Tips That Can Change Your Amazon Game — Seller Secrets Revealed

Business tips from seasoned sellers can change your entire Amazon game. There are so many pieces that go into creating and sustaining a truly successful Amazon business. To withstand the evolving market, sellers need to know how to collect and connect those pieces and use them advantageously. The best way to accumulate information, particularly insider […]

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How to Organize the Amazon Coupons On Your Product Page – AMPM PODCAST EP 174

Don’t just stack the Amazon coupons for your product listings on your page. Organize them! Sellers offering cross-sells and upsells often stack coupons to draw the customers’ attention towards their products and drive sales. Using multiple Amazon coupons for all the different products sellers have to offer is definitely great for doubling sales and increasing […]

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