Is Your FBA Business a Leaky Bucket? Plug the Leaks with Hello Profit and Discover Hidden Profit Potential – EP63

The sales numbers on SellerCentral only tell a partial story, but if you’re making decisions based on those numbers you could be making faulty business decisions. With HelloProfit you can quickly and easily look at the big picture, plug the leaks and find the hidden gold mines in your business.

We’ve negotiated a great deal with the folks at HelloProfit where the AM/PM Podcast listeners get $20 off per month on their membership… and we get some beer money; too! How cool is that? So be sure to listen to the podcast episode and check out HelloProfit today!

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Things You Didn’t Know About Your Suppliers – And It’s Gold! – Interview with Hello Profit’s Co-Founder (Part 1) – EP62

Co-Founder of Hello Profit, Ryan Bredemeyer, dives deep into how he negotiates with Chinese Suppliers, visiting the Canton Fair and the secret to getting suppliers to show you the good products behind the curtains, how Trade Companies may be better than you think, how to get better pricing, how being nice pays off big, and so much more as we dive deep into his sourcing knowledge.

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