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The Truth About Amazon Product Launch Giveaways Featuring Six Leaf, ZonJump, Viral Launch, & Rebate Key – AMPM Podcast EP 189

Is using a product launch against Amazon Terms of Service? Find out the answer and more from the top industry experts! Get all your questions, misconceptions, and more answered in the ultimate podcast about the latest trends in using a product launch via the giveaway method on Amazon to climb the rankings! The AMPM Podcast has […]

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Sneaky Ways to Gain Amazon Reviews That Can Get You Banned – AMPM Podcast EP 188

Getting Amazon reviews for your product is crucial to its success, but how you get them can possibly land you in hot water with Amazon. Recently, Amazon updated their Terms of Service regarding the acceptable ways of getting Amazon reviews on products. This update has eliminated the use of some old tried and true tactics […]

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